Roblox’s Adopt Me has got its Toy Shop update

You're getting a new area to doddle around in, improved toys, and a premium pet

There’s a new update to look forward to today if you’re a fan of Roblox’s Adopt Me game. The studio behind Adopt Me took to Twitter to reveal that the game’s Easter update is getting replaced with the Toy Shop update today.

Adopt Me’s Toy Shop update went live 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm BST, so you should have it by now. You’re getting a new Toy Shop area to explore with your wee pet pals, improved standard toys, and a new premium pet. This time it’s the red squirrel, in case you were curious.

Adopt Me is a creature collector where you raise pets. It’s been a popular fixture on Roblox for ages and recently sailed past 20 billion visits. Each Roblox game gets a ‘visit’ when you load up the game, so it works a lot like YouTube. Just recently, the team behind Adopt Me revealed it was starting a new studio called Uplift Games to “minimize overwork and burnout”. Development on Adopt Me will continue, of course, but the new studio also mentions more “metaverse experiences”, which means more games for Roblox and platforms like it.

“We’ll save everyone the complicated legal details,” founders NewFissy and Bethink explain to Adopt Me players in an open letter. “But, basically, the new studio entity has allowed us to offer excellent benefits to our staff globally, such as great health care and flexible remote jobs.

“Thanks to the support of all of you, we’re able to provide stability to our team members in an otherwise unpredictable time.”

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