Roblox debuts upgraded materials system for more immersive experiences

The revamped textures in Roblox are more than just visual enhancements — they also simulate the physical properties of materials in the real world.

Roblox upgraded materials: Glowing orange and yellow lava flows from a volcanic vent

Following a beta test period, Roblox is rolling out an upgraded materials system designed to allow better-looking, more immersive surfaces. The textures, which include brick, glass, metal and other common materials, include enhancements that will allow for more realistic-looking design features when it comes to elements like shading, reflections and shadows.

“Our upgraded material system will enable creators to take their experiences to new heights while also providing us a foundation we can continue to iterate on. Our vision for materials is to make them an integral part of the development process, giving people even more control over the look and feel of their content without requiring them to write code for behaviours we know to be true in the real world,” Roblox product director Josh Anon wrote in a blog post.

Not only are the textures designed to accurately simulate how such materials might visually react to environmental effects in the real world, but they also simulate physical properties in order to add even more realism to the Roblox experience. The blog post notes effects like tires skidding on wet asphalt or getting stuck in the mud.

“This level of interactivity is essential to making experiences on Roblox feel like living, breathing worlds,” Anon says in the post.

Creators who prefer to use the older materials system are free to continue to do so but will have the option to integrate the enhanced effects.

As Roblox continues its push to dominate the metaverse, it’s no surprise the company is choosing to integrate tools to help developers create more innovative experiences. The platform rose to success by making game development accessible to all, but in doing so, it had limitations in terms of custom design effects, such as limitations around avatar models and clothing. However, as the company grows and pivots io attract an older fanbase, it’s also overhauling many of its design capabilities to provide even more possibilities for creators. For instance, earlier this year, the platform introduced a layered clothing system, which includes stretching mechanics that allows such clothing to adjust to avatars of any size.

The enhancements offer a new world of possibilities for Roblox game design. Creators can also layer and customise the materials to create unique visual styles and aesthetics.

It may be some time before developers can fully integrate these effects into their most popular games. Still, keep an eye out for enhancements as you check out the best Roblox games in 2022. And, as long as you’re playing, be sure to also take advantage of Roblox promo codes for July 2022.