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Roguelite mecha shooter gets huge update, adds entire new arsenal

Roboquest’s aptly named Arsenal Update brings in several new guns, NPCs, a reworked Summon system, and a much-requested Training Range map.

The protagonist mecha from Roboquest

With Armored Core taking up the gritty side of the mecha genre, it’s up to Roboquest to fill the niche of more colourful mecha adventures. The game offers a similarly huge variety of weapons to its gritter cousin, but delivers the hurt in a much more cartoony environment, contrasting its high-speed movement and gunplay. Since releasing in November last year, the game has received its first major content drop in the form of the Arsenal Update. As the name suggests, the Arsenal Update’s main attraction is its addition of nine brand-new weapons to the roguelite shooter.

Joining the roguelike game in this update are the Missile Battery, a mini-rocket-firing minigun; the Rapier, adding a touch of class to proceedings; the Sling Gun, a rudimentary catapult that’s nevertheless lethal; the Minion Box, letting you place down robots like Team Fortress 2’s Engineer; the Mini Cricket A.K.A the smallest gun you’ve ever seen; the Gauss Rifle, a Quake player’s dream; the Bee Cannon, which is very literal and self-explanatory; the Boomerang, for players with projectile separation anxiety, and finally the Shuriken, for anyone who misses when Genji was broken in Overwatch. That’s a lot of new Roboquest weaponry.

In addition, the update also sees new NPCs enter Roboquest, in the form of Willy Wonder and Burger Bill. Willy (was that really the best name?) can improve your weapons’ rarity at the cost of Power Cells, while Bill is the proprietor of the new Training Range.

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Speaking of, the Training Range lets you practice your skills in a stress-free environment. In this safe space, you can test your DPS by spawning and upgrading weapons to your heart’s content. The aforementioned Minion Box also ties in with the reworked system of Summoning, which has now brought all minion-based abilities and weapons under the same umbrella for better build synergy.

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