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Roboquest release date window, trailers, gameplay

Roboquest is a super-fast, slick roguelite FPS game with co-op blending the style and loot of Borderlands with Dead Cells, and its full release hits Steam soon.

Roboquest release date - a woman looks at a data pad as a yellow robot peers over her shoulder.

What is the Roboquest release date? If you’ve ever wanted to play a game that was part Dead Cells and part Borderlands, with a healthy sprinkle of Risk of Rain, Roboquest might just be the game for you, but when will it receive a full release?

The roguelite FPS game from RyseUp Studios, now published by Payday makers Starbreeze Entertainment, has been in early access for a few years now but is preparing for its full 1.0 launch on Steam. Roboquest is probably one of the most moreish roguelites we’ve played in a while, with the fast-moving gameplay of Dead Cells, loot that’d make Borderlands proud, and that real ‘one more run’ compulsion. Here’s when we can expect a full 1.0 release.

Roboquest release date - gameplay screenshot of a boss fight. The player shoots at a large robot in the middle of an arena, as the enemy deploys cones of dangerous fire on the floor.

Roboquest release date window

The Roboquest release window is autumn 2024, so, sometime between September and November. This comes from a quote on the game’s Steam page: “We’re currently hard working on the 1.0.0 release of the game which is planned to be released somewhere around Q3 2023.”

You can add it to your Steam wishlist, or buy it now for $19.99 / £16.75 to get right in and start playing the early access version. It’s also available as part of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass library, so if you’re a subscriber you can check it out at no additional cost.

The full Roboquest release date will see the game’s final level (and its corresponding boss) introduced to the game, along with five alternative levels to explore and fight your way through. Another class has been added, and a blend of new and reworked perks. There are four new weapon types, over 15 additional enemies, and plenty of quests and secrets to uncover.

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Roboquest trailer and gameplay

For those of you not acquainted with Roboquest, it’s a slick, fast-paced shooter with a Borderlands-like cartoon aesthetic that loads you up with randomized guns and loot that would feel quite at home in the Gearbox series. It draws from the best roguelikes to create a structure that gives you plenty of potential to customize and refine your builds over the course of each run, along with the option for two player co-op.

There’s a ton of variety to the weapons, from assault rifles to bows, grenade launchers, laser cannons dual machine pistols, and beyond. This means your approach to a run can feel very different – choose a ranged precision tool and hang back, or rush in guns blazing amidst the chaos. It’s all up to you.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll have to be versatile by changing your weapons to match the increased enemy difficulty – but with plenty of loot drops and chests, you’ll never feel stumped for choice.

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