How to get a Golden Pumpkin in Rocket League

You'll have to put in quite a lot of game time, but you can earn five free Golden Pumpkins

Rocket League Stay Puft Topper

Wondering how you can get a Golden Pumpkin in Rocket League? The jet-powered sports game has kicked off its latest seasonal event: Haunted Hallows. The update adds heaps of Ghostbusters-themed cosmetics, most of which can be purchased from the item shop, but there are some free goodies that players can earn as well, not to mention up to five free Golden Pumpkins.

Veteran players will note the first ever return of a licensed vehicle in Rocket League, although the Ecto-1 is still on available for purchase. For fans of free cosmetics (that should be everyone, to be honest), there are some that can be earned by completing specific event challenges, including Ghostbusters Wheels, a Slimer Topper, and a Mood Slime Boost.

However, most players will be excited about the free Golden Pumpkins that can be earned during the Haunted Hallows events. Golden Pumpkins unlock items from the Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator Series, so there are some highly sought after treats waiting to be cracked open. Fortunately, the method for getting these is very simple. Unfortunately, it requires a bit of grinding.

How to get a Golden Pumpkin in Rocket League

The event challenge to unlock a Golden Pumpkin in Rocket League is: play 20 online matches. This challenge is repeatable up to five times, so you can get a total of five Golden Pumpkins during the Haunted Hallows event.

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Pull off ten saves or Epic Saves, or get 10 assists while you’re grinding through those matches and you can also grab the Slimer or Stay Puft Toppers.