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Ecto-1 and KITT join Rocket League for a totally ’80s Radical Summer event

Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, WWE, and way more are coming to Rocket League this summer

Right now, no nostalgia is more powerful than 80s nostalgia, and Rocket League is getting in on the action with its Radical Summer event. The event will bring in crossovers with some of the biggest franchises of the era, and it’ll offer a host of cosmetics for the duration. The event will also see two new DLC car packs featuring Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and KITT from Knight Rider.

The event kicks off on June 10 with a movie-focused ‘Blockbusters’ theme. Lasting until July 1, this theme will let you into a limited time mode called Ghost Hunt, where you use proton stream power-ups to try and capture the ball in a containment zone. Any online matches will earn you cassettes to trade in for movie-themed cosmetics.

On July 1, we switch to a broader ‘Culture’ theme, and puts you into a Spike Rush mode where every player is equipped with a spike power-up. Then, on July 22 (just before the close of Rocket Pass 3), we get the ‘Television’ theme and a Beach Ball mode, where players compete 2v2 with a big ball, low ball gravity, and curveball activated.

The cosmetics will include items from Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, Back to the Future, E.T., the Goonies, Karate Kid, Voltron, and WWE. (Sadly, even with the old logo, they’re not allowed to call it WWF.)

New car packs will start with Ecto-1 on June 10 for $1.99. KITT will follow when the Television theme hits on July 22.

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The event is scheduled to last until August 12, though as Psyonix says in the official announcement, players will have an extra week to redeem cassettes for new items after Radical Summer is over.