Rocket Pass 3 brings weekly challenges to Rocket League

Rocket Pass 3 has a release date - here's what to expect

Rocket Pass 3 has been unveiled for Rocket League, and it brings a big change for the pass’s format. You’ll now have a set of challenges to complete every week, which will level you through the pass’s tiers faster than normal. Otherwise, it works just as you’d expect from previous Rocket Passes, with a handful a free items everyone can earn and a bunch more premium rewards for those who buy the pass.

There will be six new challenges every week – three for free players, and three for premium players. Some of the example challenges include ‘get five saves, assists, or goals in casual online matches,’ ‘play ten online matches with the Hammerhead topper,’ and ‘play an online match with the Guardian battle-car.’

Rocket Pass 3 will run from April 17 until July 29. Challenges will only be active for a single week, so you’ll have to complete them in the week they launch. If you complete a premium challenge before you buy the pass, you’ll still get those bonus tier points if you do end up purchasing it.

You can see some of the new rewards in the trailer below.

A full list of rewards is available on the official site.

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Rocket League player counts have been among the most consistent on Steam for years now, and the updated Rocket Pass seems to offer some smart incentives to keep them coming back.