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Rocket League 1.05 will kick off season one, add Chivalry items and let you control the music

Rocket League 1.05

Rocket League 1.05 is a fortnight away or less, according to the official Twitter account. It will introduce new matchmaking options, a Chivalry: Medieval Warfare crossover and finally you’ll get some control over the music. 

I stress the last part only because Rocket League’s soundtrack is absolutely not my cup of tea. It’s the sort of music I can only really tolerate drunk, and while I am a man who likes to imbibe quite a lot, I’m already quite bad at Rocket League and don’t need booze making me even worse.

The matchmaking stuff is a bit odd, though. The nice thing about Rocket League being cross platform is that it means there’s rarely a dearth of other players, and it’s one of those games where it really doesn’t matter if your opponents or teammates are on a console while you’re on a PC – chances are, you’ll both be using a gamepad.

So the option to filter out PS4 players just seems a bit unnecessary, and that’s what the patch is offering. Apparently PS4 players can already do this, so I suppose it makes sense that we can do the same on PC. Still! Bit odd.

When the patch drops, season one will also kick off, resetting the leaderboard rankings.

All of that is boring though. The really exciting news is that you’ll be able to adorn your fancy cars with horns and imposing flags from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I look forward to practising my extremely threatening war cry.