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Rocket League gets a second helping of official Fast & Furious DLC, coming October 11th

Rocket League Fast & Furious

From the Fast & Furious Frivolous Fripperies desk comes news that Rocket League is yet again partnering with Universal as well as a pair of car manufacturers for second round of Fast & Furious DLC for the jet-assisted remote control car/football hybrid. For $2 each, you can now add the tricked-out Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and the ‘70 Dodge Charger R/T to your game on October 11th.

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As fancy, loud and jealousy-inducing as these cars may be, they won’t give you any edge over the competition. As with all of Rocket League’s other DLC, the Fast & Furious content is entirely cosmetic, while any additional game modes, environments and features are free for all players on all platforms. It’s a properly ethical way to handle DLC, and one that I’d love to see more studios adopt instead of loot crates and season passes.

The business model must be working, as Rocket League continues to be one of the best-populated multiplayer games on Steam, with no sign of it falling into decline any time soon. While I’ve not put nearly as much time into its current incarnation as I would like, I quite enjoyed it back when it was called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-powered Battle-cars, all the way back on the Playstation 3. The initial release of the game was a flop, but the re-launch is a global multi-platform mega-hit. Right place at the right time, I guess.

Rocket League is available via Steam for £15/$20