Rocket League patch 1.16 sorting out dodgy car hitboxes


Psyonix are getting round to shaving the invisible edges off the bodywork of Rocket League’s cars in the next update.

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Eleven of the game’s cars are having their collision borders altered to more closely match the actual models they’re attached to in version 1.16 out this week.

It’s not quite the massive basketball conversion update expected for sometime later this month, but it is a welcome bit of spring cleaning for a game that relies heavily on bumping into things.

They’ve also managed to temper some of the rampant car-on-car violence in the sport and have been rewarded with an E for Everyone ESRB rating, down from the E10+ the game was originally awarded. So expect a fresh influx of actual toddlers in your matches, because that’s how video games work.

The complete list of changes to the car hitboxes are below, so you can get the competitive edge you deserve back:

  • Improved Hitboxes for multiple vehicles to more accurately represent their models; specifically…
    • Fixed Scarab and Grog’s hitboxes, which were not long enough
    • Fixed Breakout and Hotshot’s hitboxes, which were not wide enough
    • Fixed Batmobile and Breakout’s hitboxes, which were abnormally long
    • Fixed Gizmo, Octane, Ripper, and Scarab’s hitboxes, which were too tall
    • Fixed Dominus’ hitbox, which was not long or tall enough
  • Repairedcollision issues that resulted in incorrect ball-bounce behavior in some maps.
    • Additionally, the “Wasteland” Arena received collision improvements to eliminate inaccurate bounces