Rocket League’s ‘Mutator’ update is free and out today

Rocket League mutators

Update: The mutations have begun and you can download the update now.

Rocket League’s special brand of hectic carball will soon be spiced up even more with the introduction of ‘mutators’, a slew of optional game-altering features that promise to make the game even more chaotic. 

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Psyonix teased mutators as far back as launch, but kept things vague. Now you can get a glimpse of them in action in a new trailer while you wait for the free update, launching in November.

Explosive balls and low gravity matches? That should be entertaining.

Come December, another mutator will enter the arena, and it’s a big one. With it, Rocket League will dabble in the world of ice hockey, and not just football.

The developers will be showing off more mutators in a livestream tomorrow, the 29th, which you can watch here.