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Is Rocket League on Steam?

If you're trying to play Rocket League through Steam and can't find the store page, here's how to play your favorite soccer game now it's free-to-play.

Rocket League car on Steam platform background

Is Rocket League on Steam? Now Rocket League is free-to-play, just where you play it has changed since its launch back in 2015. Rocket League was removed from the Steam store in 2020, but there are still various ways to play it through Steam depending on when you purchased or downloaded the game.

Rocket League is now a Epic Games exclusive and you can only download it for free through the Epic Games Store by either visiting the store directly or via the Rocket League website, which directs you to the Epic Games Store. Here’s how and whether you can still play it on Steam.

An orange and blue car race in Rocket League on Steam

Can I get Rocket League on Steam?

If you purchased Rocket League before it left the Steam platform and went free-to-play as an Epic Games exclusive, you can still play Rocket League through Steam and benefit from updates and support.

If, however, you missed that window, you’ll have to download and play Rocket League through the Epic Games Store.

How to add Rocket League to Steam

You can still add Rocket League to Steam, even if you don’t own it on that platform. You can do this by opening up Steam and clicking ‘add a game’ in the bottom left on the screen. Choose the top option: ‘add a non-Steam game’. Select Rocket League from the Epic Games folder and then click the check box on the left, and finally ‘add selected programs’.

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