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Command and Conquer reimagined as a roguelike in new RTS game out soon

The classic Command and Conquer is infused with roguelikes and deckbuilders in a new RTS game that’s coming soon, and playable right now.

Rogue Command Steam RTS game: A robot warrior from Steam RTS game Rogue Command

It’s a combination that’s hard to imagine. You take the strategy gameplay of classic Command and Conquer – the beloved originals like Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert – and somehow cross it with roguelikes and deckbuilders. On first inspection, it seems like it shouldn’t work. But a visionary new RTS game, that the developer says is getting very close to launch, manages to execute this genre-blending sleight of hand flawlessly, and you can try it for yourself right now.

Rogue Command (it even sounds like an RTS game from the ‘90s) fundamentally involves building a base, raising an army, harvesting resources, and obliterating your enemies – all the genre stalwarts. With 20 map types, more than 100 different units, buildings, and upgrades, and superweapons that provide buffs and power-ups, it’s an expansive real-time strategy game in the vein of Command and Conquer, Homeworld, and Age of Empires. But there’s a twist.

As well as an RTS, Rogue Command is also a roguelike game. After every battle, you choose from a deck of ‘blueprint cards’ that expand and grow your tech tree. You might pull new buildings or units. Alternatively, you can pick one-use abilities that heal your whole army, provide supply drops, or instantly build defensive turrets and towers.

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You need a keen mind for strategy, but also, every playthrough varies thanks to different decks and cards. My dependable tactic of building a war factory, surrounding it with Tesla coils, and mass producing Mammoth tanks won’t work here – in Rogue Command, you need to adapt and change.

In a new devlog, creator feneq explains that Rogue Command is “almost done” and “close to the finish line.” The launch should be coming soon, but if you want to play it in the meantime, Rogue Command has a demo available now. Just head right here.

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