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Sea of Stars meets Opus Magnum in roguelike puzzle RPG, coming soon

Rogue Voltage takes notes from puzzlers like Opus Magnum and RPG games like Sea of Stars and Final Fantasy, and is out on Steam soon.

Sea of Stars meets Opus Magnum in roguelike puzzle RPG, coming soon: Two cartoon men, one shooting a gun at a mushroom creature, from Rogue Voltage.

While it sometimes seems like just about every combination of videogame genres has been discovered at this point, we’re still capable of being surprised. This is definitely the case with Rogue Voltage, an upcoming roguelike that builds a unique identity by mixing together puzzle elements similar to Zachtronics games like Opus Magnum or Exapunks and tactical RPG game combat akin to Sea of Stars, classic Final Fantasy, and, unexpectedly enough, Into the Breach.

Rogue Voltage encapsulates these very disparate genre inspirations through an overarching roguelike game formula. Described as “a hybrid of roguelike deckbuilder and an automation game,” Rogue Voltage sees players engaging in turn-based pixel RPG combat by solving puzzles in the form of electronic modules “inspired by music production with modular synthesizers.”

The engineering aspect of the game lets players deploy battle skills and put together powerful chain reaction combos in the modules on one side of the screen. This involves carefully managing a limited amount of energy, using it to attack or heal, or storing it up before unleashing an even more powerful attack. These give and take considerations extend to each battle’s turn order as well, with players choosing to manipulate the turn-based timeline to move behind or ahead of enemies and turn environmental dangers to their advantage.

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Rogue Voltage comes out on Steam in Early Access on May 10. Its work in progress version will come with nine different characters and 90 unique wiring modules. Check it out right here.

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