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The world’s longest RollerCoaster Tycoon ride now takes 45 real years to complete

Nearly a lifetime of fun

Last year, RollerCoaster Tycoon player Marcel Vos gave us an unimaginable nightmare with the longest ride ever built in the game – one which took 12 real-world years to complete its circuit, leaving parkgoers trapped for over a decade of nightmarish ‘amusement.’ Now, Vos has done it again. But this time, the ride takes a full 45 years to run through.

The ride works on pretty much the same principle as Vos’s previous version. A short track packed with cars is tied to an unimaginably long circuit, and each car on the short track can only proceed after a certain number of laps on the long track are finished. One path to make the track even longer would’ve been to have the cart on the long track reverse itself, thus doubling the length of the circuit, but that would’ve been impossible at the time thanks to a bug.

But that bug’s been fixed now. In the new version of the track, the cart reaches the end and meets a tiny hill that forces it backward – but since the game’s minimum speed is way lower in reverse, it takes even longer for the cart to make the reverse lap.

Each of the long circuits take 1,800 in-game years, and by the time every lap is complete, 440,000 years will have elapsed for your digital parkgoers – which translates to 45 years of real time for the ride to complete.

You can see a detailed breakdown of it all in the video above (via Kotaku).

See you all in 2064.