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Ronin pits a ninja against her natural enemy: businessmen


While villains go in and out of fashion, there always seems to be one mainstay: wealthy businessmen. Oh, they’re bad, aren’t they, with their big glass offices and fancy gold swimming pools. And in Devolver Digital and developer Tomasz Wacławek’s Ronin, they’ve pissed off a katana-wielding biker, which was probably a bit silly of them. 

Ronin’s helmeted heroine has five big wigs from a naughty corporation in her sights, and 15 missions to get through in an attempt to slice them all into little bits with her ninja skills. It looks a great deal like Tom Francis’ excellent Gunpoint, complete with large office building windows just waiting to have guards flung out of them.

Instead of hacking and faffing with electronics, though, our ninja chum’s skills are more murder-orientated. She’s got her katana and nasty razor wire for killing and a grappling hook and holographic replicator for sneaking, though the sneaking sounds like it will mainly be used to find a better position to launch a slicing, dicing assault. So it’s evocative of Mark of the Ninja, as well.

If you’re going to share some DNA with other games, choosing really, really great ones is a good start.

Ronin’s going to be shown off at PAX South, but in the mean time, slap your eyes on this here trailer.