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Don’t Starve dev unveils co-op roguelike, and you can play it today

Klei Entertainment, the team behind hits like Don't Starve and Oxygen Not Included, have just put out a new Steam game called Rotwood.

Don't Starve devs unveil co-op roguelike, and you can play it today: A green cartoon goblin with red hair, from Rotwood.

It’s always worth paying attention to what the team at Klei Entertainment are working on. In the past, the studio has put out beloved games like survival sim Don’t Starve, strategy game Invisible Inc., stealth action favorite Mark of the Ninja, and, more recently, Oxygen Not Included and Griftlands. Though Klei has already announced it’s currently making the space set Dread Pilots, planned to come out this year, it’s also just launched another project: Rotwood.

Rotwood is a co-op game that blends together design elements from genres like classic beat ’em ups, action RPG games, and roguelikes. As expected from Klei, it has a distinct, loose limbed and extremely colorful cartoon art style, its cast of cutesy monsters fighting through landscapes that call to mind not just the studio’s past work, but also games like Hades.

In Rotwood, players work alone or in groups of up to four to combat monsters with a selection of skills, armor, and weapons that can be used to build combos and are upgraded over a run. The game’s Steam page states that “surviving … is no walk in the park,” and goes on to describe how its fights “increasingly demand timing, creativity, and skill” as well as the strategic use of upgrades “to create insane builds that probably shouldn’t be allowed.”

Though it will continue to expand before its final launch next year, Rotwood’s current Early Access version includes four biomes, four weapon classes, and is estimated “to provide anywhere from 10-25 hours of gameplay.”

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If this sounds interesting, you’re in luck. Rotwood hits Steam Early Access today (April 24) for $10.99 USD. Grab a copy right here.

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