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Persona 5 meets Genshin Impact in upcoming indie JRPG

Runa, an upcoming indie JRPG on Kickstarter, blends Persona 5 style visuals and game features with Genshin Impact's vibrant world design.

Persona 5 meets Genshit Impact in new indie JRPG: A cartoon woman with pink hair, from Runa.

Runa, an upcoming JRPG from indie team Fennec Studio, makes a strong first impression. Its visuals draw from visually striking genre entries, like Persona 5 in its splashy, comic book style combat menus and character portraits and Genshin Impact in the lush, colorful overworld its characters explore. Fennec has detailed plenty of game features that make Runa seem like it will have plenty of appeal beneath its surface as well, though, which has put its upcoming launch on our radar.

Runa looks to tick a lot of the boxes that fans of JRPGs look for. In its Steam description, Fennec Studio writes that its game is set in a fantasy world where the control of new advancements in a fictional technology called ‘runas’ drive its plot. It features turn-based battles that, like Persona, are swayed heavily by the use of elemental attacks, with that same focus on elements carrying over to the construction of both small and more involved puzzles.

Runa stars seven party members, including a main character we’re assured isn’t yet another “silent protagonist,”and comes with a relationship system with “more than 15 romance options.” Along with all of this is a host of mini games, like fishing and farming, and an entire base building feature that ties into the game’s quests.

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Check out Runa on Steam right here. You can also support its makers when its Kickstarter campaign kicks off next Tuesday, April 16 by clicking here.

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