RuneScape’s Elite Dungeons trilogy concludes today with The Shadow Reef

The third Elite Dungeon is open

RuneScape’s Elite Dungeons trilogy began last summer with The Temple of Aminishi and Dragonkin Laboratory, and now it’s finally concluding with the launch of The Shadow Reef. As you might expect, the new  RuneScape chapter sends players to deal with murky monsters deep underwater, and it also brings a notable change for the previous Elite Dungeons.

The Shadow Reef has you taking on The Ambassador in the a multi-level abyss set in the waters of Gielinor. You’ll fight three major bosses and plenty of minibosses besides. As in all the Elite Dungeons, you can tackle this one either solo or with a group, and if you’re focused on the lore you can play through in story mode for a reduced difficulty – though that also means fewer rewards.

In a significant change over the previous releases, you can jump into The Shadow Reef without having completed the earlier Elite Dungeons. That restriction is lifted from the earlier releases, too, so you can now complete them in any order if you’re more interested in the new challenges than the three step story.

You can get some flavour in the trailer below.

The Shadow Reef is open today.

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RuneScape player count is still doing well after all these years, as Jagex reported that 2017 – 16 years after RuneScape originally debuted – was its most profitable ever.