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RuneScape merchandise store now accepts in-game bonds as payment

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Why should RuneScape players have to break immersion when expressing their devotion to the game through caps and t-shirts? They shouldn’t, say Jagex, who now accept in-game bonds alongside more traditional currencies in the MMO’s merchandise store.

RuneScape bonds were introduced two years ago and are akin to Eve’s PLEX currency, or WildStar’s CREDD – in that they can be bought directly from Jagex using real-world cash, but also bartered for with virtual money. If you’re in-game rich enough, it’s feasible to pay for your RuneScape membership that way.

They’ve been wildly successful since – with more than 350,000 bonds passing between players every month. Around half of attendees at October’s London RuneFest have paid for their tickets using bonds – about 10% more than last year. Through Jagex, many have traded bonds for accommodation and flights too.

Hoodies and conventions are one thing – two things, I suppose – but bonds are doing genuine good. Just last month, players were donating bonds to the WWF for big cat conservation in the aftermath of Cecil the lion’s killing.

Have you ever dabbled in MMO currencies like this one?