RuneScape hits Steam next month, Old School RuneScape in early 2021

Both versions of the venerable MMO are coming to Steam

If you’re looking for more classic MMORPG options on Steam, one of the most venerable names in the genre is about to make the jump to Valve’s platform. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are coming to Steam, and the former is coming in just a handful of weeks, with a host of the benefits you’ve come to expect.

RuneScape will launch on Steam on October 14. You will be able to use your existing account on the Steam version, or just use a Steam account if you’re starting fresh, as the devs explain in the announcement. The Steam release will be available on both Windows and Mac, and will feature cross-play with the existing versions. It’ll launch with achievements, badges, and emoticons, and will get Steam trading cards “shortly after launch”.

Old School RuneScape will follow sometime “early in 2021”, developer Jagex says in a press release. OSRS will also support both Mac and Windows on Steam, though the devs have not yet provided any more details on what the Steam release of the classic edition will bring.

RuneScape is closing in on its 20th anniversary, and Jagex is boasting that the game is about to cross the 285 million player threshold. This will be the first time either version is available outside of Jagex’s website.

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