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Rust’s March update adds an underground rail network and tunnel dwellers

Rust is going underground

Rust‘s March update lands soon – naturally, it is March after all – and Facepunch has provided an early look at what to expect. The heart of this update is a new underground rail network, which also brings us new features like workcarts and tunnel dwellers. If that’s not enough, you’re also getting slot machines you can use to gamble your scrap away.

The rail network will introduce train entrances to major landmarks including the Launch Site or Military Tunnels, which you’ll be able to easily locate on the map. Those’ll lead you into the tunnels that house the rail system. You will find valuable loot down here, of course, but it will be protected by a population of angry tunnel dwellers.

You’ll also find two drivable workcarts at each station. Top them off with basic fuel and you can use them to travel along the tracks, and you’ll be able to repair them if they take damage – which they probably will, since you can ram other carts that get in your way.

Additionally, there are three new slot machines at Bandit Town, with payouts of up to 6,000 scrap. The update also makes some improvements to server performance.

Developer Facepunch will provide a blog with full-length patch notes on March 4 at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00PM EST / 7:00PM GMT.

Rust has been hitting new player count records with some regularity this year, even as Valheim appears to be taking its crown as the king of survival games. There’s clearly room for more than one entry in this genre, though, and Rust’s updates continue apace.