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Here’s what you can expect from the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse on PC

On October 10th, Ryse joins Dead Rising 3 by escaping the shackles of Xbox One, launching on PC. But what’s the difference between the two versions? Yesterday, Crytek detailed exactly that. 

The developer boasts that the PC edition will have improved visuals while offering greater control through customisation options, which is hardly a revelation. 

4K resolution support is the big thing being touted by Crytek, even though it will only affect a minority of players. But if you are among the many that haven’t splashed out on a 4K setup, don’t fret too much, there’s new stuff for you too.

Ryse will come with a slew of visual customisation options and presets along with temporary anti-aliasing. Shading quality, animation quality, object detail, native upscaling – the range of options is certainly solid and what you’d hope for with a PC title.

All the previously released DLC is getting bundled in, too, so you won’t need to splash out to get the full experience. Nor will you be expected to splash out on greedy microtransactions in a premium game, unlike the poor folk who got the Xbox One version.

Trading cards, leaderboards and achievements will all be in the game, too, along with full controller support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

The system requirements were also released a while back, so take a gander at them.