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Dave the Diver meets Dredge in free game about sailing, but act fast

Sail Forth has the cozy fishing of Dave the Diver and eldritch horrors of Dredge, making this EGS free game the perfect start to 2024.

Sail Forth free game: a little frog man in a copper submarine, stood with the hatch open

If 2023 hits Dave the Diver and Dredge have you clamoring for another high-seas adventure with impeccable vibes (be they spooky or cozy), then free Epic Games Store release Sail Forth is a game you need to check out. Available as a free game for the next few days, the open-world sailing adventure even has some robust wind and physics systems.

Considering how the ocean came to encapsulate so much of what made the best games of 2023 special, getting Sail Forth as a free PC game to start 2024 is quite the gift. Available via the Epic Games Store, you can explore the brightly colored ocean of Sail Forth with customizable ships while helping the inhabitants of the world, and that also happens to include a terrible secret at the bottom of the sea.

With the giant sea creatures and eldrich horrors of Dredge juxtaposed by the cozy vibes and fish collecting similar to Dave the Diver, Sail Forth feels like the perfect blend of what made two of the biggest games of 2023.

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The sailing and wind physics systems are even designed with “enough attention to realistic sailing physics to excite naval enthusiasts while also remaining deeply accessible to anyone and everyone,” giving you just enough to contend with. You’ll also be fighting pirates in ship battles reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, collecting fish, and taking as many photos as your heart desires.

Sail Forth also just had its Maelstrom DLC and update at the start of 2024, which adds a new ship cosmetic system, a revamped world map, new items, and a whole lot more. The premium Maelstrom DLC even comes with a new boat, enemies, and an Underworld biome you travel to via large whirlpools across the map.

Sail Forth can be redeemed and kept forever on the Epic Games Store right now, with it available for free until Thursday, January 18.

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