Saints Row 4 pilfers expansion DLC from Saints Row 3

Saints Row IV Enter the Dominatrix

Remember when Saints Row 3 was due a massive bit of DLC called Enter The Dominatrix? Remember when it got so big that it wasn’t DLC anymore, but was now a whole new Saints Row game about aliens and superpowers? Well now it’s a DLC again, but for Saints Row 4 (which we loved in our Saints Row 4 review), not Saints Row 3. It’s hurtling in right now, and scheduled to land in Steelport on October 23rd.

“The cancelled Saints Row the Third expansion sees new life as the first DLC mission pack for Saints Row IV. In this alternate take on the Zin invasion storyline, Zinyak and the legions of his alien empire trap the Saints in a virtual world run by a mad AI program known as the Dominatrix,” revealed Deep Silver in a statement.

“In order to thwart her nefarious schemes and escape to the real world, the Saints will have to counter her army of gimps and sex-workers, shut down her demented simulation, and make unlikely allies along the way. Includes behind-the-scenes commentary and the return of some fan-favourite characters.”

If Enter The Dominatrix isn’t enough for you, there’s also a second hunk of Saints Row DLC due before the year is out. How the Saints Saved Christmas is due later this year, and will hopefully have the Saints talking in rhyme ala Dr Seuss.

Cheers,PC Gamer.