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Saints Row 4 trailer shows off alien abduction gun. DLC season pass plans announced


Saints Row 4 is out now; here’s our Saints Row 4 review.

Volition’s gone and made an abduction gun. Simply point the laser at what you want whisked off into the sky, keep the dot on target, and whoosh it’s gone. You can see it at work in the newly released trailer.

Deep Silver have also released plans for a DLC season pass, which seem to be all the rage at the moment.

First up that trailer:

Well, that was about 12 seconds of footage and a minute of logos.

Now, that season pass; it’ll set you back £8 and covers two mission packs, an in-game anal probe to violate friend and foe, and also the Enter the Dominatrix DLC.

That anal probe is still currently banned in Australia, mind.

Saints Row 4 is due out on 20 August.