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Saints Row IV and Company of Heroes 2 both free on Steam for the weekend

Saints Row IV and Company of Heroes 2 free weekend on Steam

What does a bleak portrayal of the Eastern theatre of World War II and a zany, sci-fi open-world caper have in common? Well, you can enjoy both on Steam from now until Sunday, 1PM PST.

I heartily recommend both, but if you only have time for one, then you should probably take Saints Row IV for a spin. It's hilarious and both clever and ridiculously stupid in equal measure, and you could probably tear through the entire game by Sunday if you didn't have any plans over the weekend. 

If you're really struggling to pick which one to play, I've conveniently fashioned a list of pros (no cons, because I'm in a positive mood) that should make this difficult decision slightly easier to make.

Saints Row IV

  • Significant male nudity
  • Chatty alien dictator
  • super powers
  • A dubstep gun that fires deadly wubs
  • Tron tanks
  • Reminiscent of the good Matrix fillm
  • Can be completed in a weekend

Company of Heroes 2

  • No male nudity
  • Defeat one of the world's nastiest dictators
  • super-powered snow
  • Plenty of guns and explosions
  • Regular but still totally rad tanks
  • Much, much better than Enemy at the Gates
  • Single-player campaign can be completed in a weekend

Go through my super-helpful list, find the one that speaks to you the most, and get downloading. 

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unwanted avatarSax avatar
unwanted Avatar
unwanted(18 hours played)
4 Years ago

I'm going with Saint's Row IV. Dubstep gun.

Sax Avatar
4 Years ago

A free weekend for Saints Row 4 is a bit weird, no? You can easily play trough the whole game in these three days.