Gat a load of this – Volition shows off 5 crazy minutes of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell trailer

Volition’s announcement of Saints Row IV standalone DLC instead of a brand new game was initially disappointing, and then overwhelmingly wonderful when it was revealed that it would not only put Johnny Gat in the driver’s seat, but also take him – with Kinzie in tow – to Hell. 

And Hell seems like a fun place. The weapons and diversions in Saints Row IV were some of the best in any open world game, but Volition’s clearly been sniffing some properly infernal glue in preparation for Gat out of Hell. So expect to summon demonic imps, fly with burning wings and blow enemies up using a comfortable armchair. 

Take a gander at the five minute developer walkthrough. 

You’ll be able to warm yourself up in the fires of New Hades next January.