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Valheim meets Fortnite as sandbox shopkeeping RPG launches big update

Steam open-world shopkeeping RPG Saleblazers sees you fighting monsters to sell the spoils, and an update adds new quests and bigger stakes.

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Take the open-world combat and building of Fortnite – and its recent companion Lego Fortnite – and mix in the survival and crafting elements of games like Valheim and Minecraft. Then sprinkle in a little of that Stardew Valley community magic, and you’ve baked a Saleblazers cake. This indie sandbox RPG from developer Airstrafe Interactive is all about selling goods, and it’s up to you whether you want to run a cozy corner shop or a grand retail empire – but you’ll need to get out there and procure the goods for yourself.

As part of Steam’s Capitalism and Economy Fest this week, Saleblazers update 14 has arrived. Titled ‘License to Sell,’ this latest patch for the early access open-world RPG introduces new locations, more quests, ways to grow your empire bigger than ever, and increasingly challenging stakes to match.

Included in the latest update is a new ‘Desert Challenge’ quest that will see you fighting to reclaim the desert from a dangerous group of cultists. You’ll also be able to build on a new store plot there, although the scorching heat and constant peril of nearby ghouls might make it a rather challenging endeavor.

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While there’s plenty of potential if you can find success in the desert, failure comes at an even greater risk; if you don’t take good care of your establishment and your shop rating falls to zero stars, it’ll be shut down and all your hard work will be wiped, meaning you’ll be forced to start over from square one.

The update also brings lots of expansions. New stone and carbon iron beams will give you the potential to build higher up than ever before, and you’ll now be allowed to hire twice as many employees at once to help staff your biggest shops. There’s even the arrival of NPC summons to help you out.

The Saleblazers License to Sell update is out now. If you’re looking to pick up the game for yourself, you can do so via Steam Early Access – Airstrafe Interactive says it’s aiming for “at least two years” of early access following its initial launch in September 2023, and while there are still quite a few bugs to be ironed out it’s clear that Saleblazers has a lot of potential to keep growing.

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