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New Samsung QD-OLED monitors incoming, with up to 360Hz refresh rate

The march of OLED continues with new 32-inch and 27-inch panels arriving from Samsung in the new year, and expected to be seen at CES 2024.

Sasmsung qd-oled gaming monitors ces 2024

Samsung has unveiled two new QD-OLED gaming monitors that we expect to see debuted at CES 2024 in January 2024. The new models will offer up to a 360Hz refresh rate and UHD/4K resolution, for some seriously high-end gaming experiences.

Available in a 32-inch or 27-inch size, the new Samsung displays will be competing for a spot on our best gaming monitor guide, but will have stiff competition from a host of other OLED gaming monitors that we also expect to see announced at the upcoming consumer electronics show.

The first of the two new models will more precisely be a 31.5-inch size and pack in a 4K resolution, for a pixel density of 140 pixels per inch (ppi). That should ensure it’s very sharp and shouldn’t suffer from one of the main complaints some users have with QD-OLED panels, which is that the subpixel structure (the red, green, and blue lights that make up each pixel) can make for a slightly fuzzy look, particularly around the edges of text.

What hasn’t been specified about the new 32-inch Samsung OLED is what refresh rate it will have. We would expect it to be at least 120Hz, but whether it reaches as high as 240Hz, we’ll have to wait and see.

As for the second new Samsung monitor, it’s a 27-inch panel with a 1440p resolution, so potentially it will suffer from that fuzziness mentioned earlier, as its pixel density won’t be as high. But, again we will have to wait and see. For gaming, though, this will be less of a concern and you’ll also be able to take advantage of this panel’s blistering 360Hz refresh rate. Combined with the incredibly fast response time of OLED panels – generally below 0.5ms – this should make for a super responsive gaming monitor.

Although announced through Samsung’s official channels, we don’t have any further information about these displays yet. The original text, machine-translated by wccftech reads:

“Samsung Display, which uses QD-OLED to drive the growth of the high-end display market, announced on December 13 that it will start full-scale mass production of 31.5-inch UHD (3840×2160) resolution QD-OLED from this month.

This new product achieves the highest level of pixel density and UHD resolution among self-luminous displays. Thanks to the extraordinary performance of self-luminous displays such as fast response speed, it has already attracted the attention and expectations of consumers before its release.”

Regardless of the exact details, like most other competing OLED panels, the real proof of these new Samsung displays will be in whether they’re priced at a level that most gamers can afford or are willing to pay. With typical pricing for these panels currently being at least $800, they’re a premium option. If these new Samsung panels can lower that starting price, we could finally start to see OLED make a bigger dent in the gaming monitor market.

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