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Grab over $320 off this speedy 2TB Samsung SSD on Amazon

Looking for a speedy SSD that'll hold a chunk of your Steam Library? You can now grab 64% off the Samsung 970 EVO over on Amazon US

Samsung Evo 970 Plus SSD on blue and black backdrop

Samsung’s chonky 2TB SSD is super cheap on Amazon right now, and If you’re planning on picking up a plethora of games throughout 2023, it could be essential. Not only will it provide you with heaps of room for your Steam Library, but it’ll help you meet demanding storage system requirements that insist on using a solid-state drive.

Over on Amazon, you can now grab 64% off one of our best SSD for gaming picks – the Samsung 970 EVO Plus. The M.2 drive typically comes in at under $500 USD, but the storefront discount slashes things down to just $179.49. To some, that’ll still seem like a high price for storage, but its specs will futureproof your PC and provide you with plenty of space to install shiny new games.

Capable of respective read/write speeds of 3,500/3,300MBps, the Samsung 970 EVO Plus is anything but slow. Not only will it boot up Windows 11 in a flash, but you’ll ultimately spend less time staring at loading screen tips. More and more releases are listing solid-state drives as a requisite, with Hogwart’s Legacy system requirements serving as a prime example. So, whether you’re making the jump from SATA to NVMe, or looking to upgrade your existing M.2 storage, picking up Samsung’s discounted drive should come with performance benefits.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD on white backdrop

As for durability, Samsung claims you’ll be able to write up to 1,200 Terabytes of data over its lifespan. Failing that, it’s covered by a five-year warranty, but we reckon this reliable SSD could outlive other components whittling away within your PC.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to snag the Samsung 870 EVO Plus using next-day delivery, and signing up for a 30-day trial means you won’t have to pay extra. We’d suggest grabbing the drive sooner than later, as the deal will only stick around while stocks last, and it could go back up in price before that.