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After eight years, this Hollow Knight style platformer is finally out

After eight years of chaos this stunning Hollow Knight style Metroidvania is finally on Steam, and it's equal parts stunning and creepy.

After eight years, this Hollow Knight style platformer is finally out: A green figure with a horse's face extends his hands on a background of a red sun

If there’s one game we’re all waiting on, it’s Hollow Knight Silksong. The highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s hit Metroidvania has us all on the edge of our seats, hoping and praying that we’ll catch a glimpse of the mysterious princess in action, needle-like blade at the ready. With no launch date in sight, though, I’ve been looking for something equally as creepy to keep me occupied, and new platformer Saviorless is exactly what I’ve been needing.

You are Antar, a young child with a penchant for puzzle solving. But, you’re also Savior, the swift, assassin-like killer that’s Antar’s vicious alter ego. But that’s not all – in Saviorless you also play as Nento, a ruthless hunter that’s so obsessed with control that he’ll obliterate anything in his path; friend, or foe, Nento doesn’t care.

In this Metroidvania game, you’re able to seamlessly switch between characters, each of which is perfect for the various messes you’ll end up in. Antar’s cleverness, partnered with Savior’s speed and Nento’s ambition mean you’ll be able to take on whatever the Smiling Islands throw at you – and trust me when I say, that’s a lot of monsters.

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There are odd, smiling bug creatures with multiple mouths, bipedal mutants that use arms for legs, and crab-like monsters that wield huge, sharp blades. Think Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, or, more recently, things like The Boy and the Heron – it’s that creepy, grinning humanoid monster kind of deal that, while terrifying, is absolutely stunning.

Saviorless has been in the works for around eight years, with political upheaval, budget constraints, copyright issues over the game’s original name ‘Savior,’ and the unfortunate departure of a key developer all causing delays. It is, however, branded as “Cuba’s first indie game,” which is a pretty exciting title in itself.

A creepy bug-like monster with a smiling face hovers above a small child in a white gown

If you’re intrigued by Saviorless’ twisted, dark fantasy world, you can dive in right now. You can pick it up for 10% off until Tuesday, April 9, meaning you’ll be paying $11.69 / £10.79.

Otherwise, we’ve got everything you need to know about the proposed Hollow Knight Silksong release date if you’re waiting for the king of platform games to return. Please, oh please, let it be soon.

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