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Stunning new indie game is like a surreal, dark fantasy Hollow Knight

As we await Hollow Knight Silksong, this new dark fantasy indie game is a gorgeous 2D platformer reminiscent of Castlevania and Blasphemous.

Saviorless is a new indie game on Steam like a dark fantasy Hollow Knight - A long-haired child holds up two fingers and a thumb as if preparing an incantation. A masked figure floats behind them, watching on.

Blending those stylish 2D action platformer boss fights of Hollow Knight and Blasphemous 2 with a captivating dark fantasy world and hand-drawn animation, Saviorless has very much caught my eye ahead of its imminent release date on Steam. This new indie game from Cuban developer Empty Head Games has an immediately striking look to it, inspired by classic 16-bit aesthetics but with a more realistic twist, and its gorgeous worlds and high-octane boss fights look like a surreal and mystical experience.

Saviorless sets you out as Antar, a child on a quest to become a ‘Savior.’ The journey takes you to the mysterious Smiling Islands, although as events take a turn you’ll find yourself also in control of two other characters – Savior, Antar’s masked avatar, and Nento, a merciless hunter. The result is an action-driven 2D platform game packed with stunning environments, nightmarish enemies, and grand boss fights that you have to see in action for yourself.

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“Embark on a journey to the Smiling Islands, the realm of the Saviors, where an enigmatic guide beckons. The seasoned narrator has shared this story countless times, yet none have graced the miraculous land. Can you seize your narrative and ascend as a Savior?” Your quest to unravel the secrets of the forbidden land will naturally be plagued with peril as you come face to face with dangerous creatures, environmental hazards, and disconcerting monsters.

As Antar, you’ll have to evade bizarre creatures and other dangers as you explore the island solving puzzles. Become Savior, however, and you can turn the tables in “high-speed, unforgiving battles against all obstacles standing between you and your destiny.” Then, there’s the somewhat unknown third element: Nento, “a merciless hunter obsessed with control who will do whatever it takes to become the unexpected protagonist of this story, even if it means annihilating everything that stands before him – even his followers.”

The first Cuban independent game to collaborate with an international publisher, Saviorless is finally set to launch on Steam at the start of April after seven years in development. Between its beautiful art design and animation, the unsettling melancholy of its atmosphere, and the look of the jump, dash, and slash combat, I’m already fully ready to get my hands on it when it arrives.

Saviorless launch date - A figure floats in midair, conjuring cross-shaped beams of energy.

Saviorless launches on Steam Tuesday, April 2. You can head to the game’s store page now to add it to your Steam wishlist and be notified when it launches.

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