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Scare yourself for free: Dead Space costs nothing on Origin until May 8th

Dead Space free

If you’re in the mood to roam around a near-deserted mining ship floating through space, your only companions a couple of disposable shipmates and a horde of twisted, gnarled mutant monstrosities (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) and you’ve yet to play Dead Space, then go and download it for free.

It’s on sale with 100 percent off on Origin right blooming now and will continue to be free until May 8th. Seeing as that it’s one of the better sci-fi horror romps you could pick up, you’d be a bit doolally not to. 

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4 Years ago

Was the only one in the series I really liked to be honest. Was disappointed as 2 and 3 went in the more linear action direction, where I was hoping that the series would go in a more System Shock direction (and if rumours are to be believed, Dead Space originally started off as a System Shock game).

Ignoring all that though, I still think Dead Space 1 was one of my favourite games of that year. It just felt so incredibly cohesive in its design. The setting, the level design, the gameplay style, the weapons in function and theme (re-purposed engineering and mining equipment. The theme being that if it can carve and shatter stone, then you can use it to defend yourself), the exceptional sound design, even the holographic interface, they all _meshed_ together so very well, and everything made sense in context (even down to having a suit integrity display on the back of your suit). That really helped to create a solid atmosphere and sense of place that I felt was sorely lacking in DS2 ( amongst other things. I never bothered with DS3 after that).

OK yeah, space zombies, the plot was bizarre, the BIG TWIST was obvious from somewhere near the start, body-horror on its own isn't scary (but that's where the sound design helps quite a lot), and the Hunter enemy was a promise of something greater just _begging_ to be fulfilled. But in general, I think a lot of the design of the original Dead Space is something that a lot of designers could stand to learn from, even today.