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Scorn is one of the grossest games we’ve ever seen, and it’s gone to Kickstarter


Oh, god. Everything in this Scorn trailer just oozes. It’s all flesh and blood and pulsating muscle and I hate every second of looking at it. That bit’s too much like genitals, and it can’t be healthy for that man to be fused into the fleshwall like that. And ugh, is that gun actually just a moddable hunk of living tissue?

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This is terrible, and I hate it, and it’s really, really effective. Scorn is a horror game about being dropped into an altogether unseemly world and doing what you can to survive, exploring a nonlinear nightmare world and navigating the behaviours of its denizens.

Scorn has been in development for two years, with new studio Ebb Software having expanded to 20 people to fully realise their horrific vision. They’ve taken to Kickstarter in order to see the last bits of the game through in a state they’re happy with, and are hoping to raise a little under $180,000 to fully complete development.

The people at Ebb are hoping to get a demo together as a backer reward by the end of the campaign, which seems like a backwards way of enticing prospective backers, but hopefully that demo will become public soon.

If all goes as planned, part one of Scorn will release in 2018, with part two completing the story sometime thereafter. The developers promise that no further parts, expansions, or sequels will follow. “Ever.”