Mojang’s Scrolls releases alongside a free demo version

Scrolls launch

It’s easy to forget that Mojang has more than Minecraft on its plate, but today marks the release of Scrolls, the developer’s hexy card game. This comes after a lengthy open beta, which started in June last year. 

There’s a free demo version, and you only need a Mojang account to play. Take a look at the launch trailer, below.

Scrolls is part deck-building card game and hexagonal tactics romp. Decks are built up from spells, abilities, units and even structures, and when it’s time for battle, the turn-based action plays out on a hex battlefield.

New scrolls can be snatched up by spending gold, the in-game currency, as well as shards, the real-world currency. Players can trade between themselves, too.

The full game will set you back a measly $5.