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One of 2023’s best RPGs is about to get even better

Sea of Stars, a retro style indie RPG game in the vein of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, is about to receive an exciting new update.

One of 2023's best RPGs is about to get even better: A blue-haired cartoon woman, from Sea of Stars.

A lot of retro style games miss the mark, trying to appeal more to pleasant memories of older experiences than proving their own worth, on their own terms. Last year’s Sea of Stars, though, managed to stand out beyond nostalgic appeal, earning a place alongside other noteworthy throwback games — like the shooters Dusk or Trepang2 and adventures like Return of the Obra Dinn and The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow. Now, creator Sabotage Studio has announced that it has an unexpected new update set to come to the game: a three-player multiplayer mode.

The studio has just put out a (very short) trailer that, without wasting any time, makes clear why the new update it’s currently working on will provide a good reason to return to the RPG game. The upcoming Sea of Stars addition, which Sabotage is calling ‘Single Player+,’ is set to allow three players to take part in the adventure at the same time.

The couch co-op mode will not only let a group move through and explore the game’s pixellated world together, but also take control of an individual character when engaging in its turn-based combat through a mechanic Sabotage refers to as “co-op timed hits.”

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We don’t know when, exactly, this update will launch. In the trailer description, Sabotage has only written that Sea of Stars’ Single Player+ is being worked on now and that we can expect further details sometime soon.

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