How to get an invitation to the Sea of Stars Golden Pelican

This restaurant becomes accessible midway through the story, yet you might be scratching your head for how to gain access – we have the answer.

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How do you have dinner at the Golden Pelican in Sea of Stars? After the port town of Brisk is rebuilt, you’ll notice a restaurant has opened up in the northwest corner of the colorful city. However, Gaspar, the haughty waiter, will not grant you access unless you have an invitation. You may think the Golden Pelican hides treasure or a powerful recipe to heal your party during battle – but no. It’s part of one of the most heartfelt moments in the game which we won’t spoil here.

To gain access to the Golden Pelican, you’ll have to find all 60 Sea of Stars Rainbow Conches. Luckily for you, we have an in-depth guide where to find each. And if you want to know what we thought of Sea of Stars, be sure to take a look at our glowing review of the game. That said, read on to find out how to find a Gilded Invitation – once again, spoiler free.

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Where to find a Gilded Invitation for the Golden Pelican

To get a Gilded Invitation for the Golden Pelican in Sea of Stars you must first find all 60 Rainbow Conches and defeat the Fleshmancer’s lieutenant to get the Hook of Time. Take the Hook of Time to the island south of Wraith Island and fish to enter a dungeon. You’ll proceed to meet the Golden Pelican’s head chef who will give you the Gilded Invitation.

To get past the haughty Gaspar and enjoy a meal at the Golden Pelican, you’ll have to complete several steps that link to acquiring the true ending of the game. These include finding all 60 Rainbow Conches – yes, really – and defeating the Fleshmancer’s lieutenant. With both these requirements out of the way, you’ll receive an item called the Hook of Time after visiting the ruins in the Moorlands.

With the Hook of Time, head to the island south of Wraith Island with the ‘???’ fishing hole. You’ll notice there’s no fish here. Instead, you must fish with the Hook of Time in your inventory to grab the top of a ruin hidden in the water. Reeling it in will reveal a short dungeon to navigate.

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The dungeon has a few easy-to-dispatch enemies and one simple puzzle: you must acquire a key from a pond of fish progress to the final room; however, you may think you have to fish for the key as it swims around in the water. Instead, hop in the water to nab the key like you’d pick up any other item.

This will lead you to a confrontation against none other than the Golden Pelican’s head chef – who you’ll have to fish out of a large pond. He’ll reward you with the invitation to his restaurant.

Return to Brisk, give the invitation to Gaspar, and enjoy the most heartwarming scene before heading off to complete the true ending. With the Golden Pelican completed, check out our overview of all the Sea of Stars Relics, where to find them, and how you can make the climactic final battle needlessly more difficult. And if you’re not into experiencing New Game+ in Sea of Stars, our list of the best PC games of 2023 might have a gem or two in it you’ll want to play instead.