Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is free Pirates of the Caribbean DLC, out this month

Jack Sparrow - and a whole lot more of Pirates of the Caribbean - is coming to Sea of Thieves

If you want to live the pirate life in the world of pirate games, Sea of Thieves is bringing one of the most inescapable pirate franchises to its open ocean. Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is out for free on June 22, and it promises a new story to experience in the world of Sea of Thieves – one which will feature Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and more characters from the film series.

The new expansion will launch as part of the free Season Three update, and will feature five tales which – like the existing tall tales – you’ll be able to play solo or in co-op. The missions will feature sidequests and secrets to pick up as you go along.

Besides cameos from the film characters throughout the story, there are also going to be new gameplay elements drawing from Pirates of the Caribbean. Sirens will attack from underwater, and you’ll be fighting new enemies like phantoms and ocean crawlers, too – all of them will be integrated into Sea of Thieves proper, and won’t just be appearing during the story quests.

The Disney collaboration goes into the original ride, too, as an official blog announcement explains, since players will “have the chance to explore memorable locations from both universes – not only extending to Sea of Thieves and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise but the famous park attractions that have been thrilling people for decades.”

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