Sea of Thieves tops the Steam sales charts again after Pirates of the Caribbean update

To Steam, me hearties, yo ho!

Jack Sparrow and the new trident in Sea of Thieves Pirate's Life

People are very excited to see Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves, it turns out. Rare’s take on pirate games has just had one of its biggest updates yet with a massive Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, and the game’s hitting some major Steam milestones – the likes of which it hasn’t seen since it first launched on Valve’s platform.

Sea of Thieves is once again on top of the Steam global top seller chart, just as it was when it first hit the platform a year ago – though it currently has the benefit of a 33% discount, which brings the price down to $26.79 / £23.44 / €26.79. The game also reached a peak concurrent player count of 63,069 today (as SteamDB shows), which is just shy of its launch record of 66,906.

A Pirate’s Life is a crossover, yes, but it’s also a lot more than that. There’s a pile of new story quests, a load of new enemies to fight, and other fresh features for the game. I thought my own Sea of Thieves days might be behind me, but it’s starting to look like I was very wrong about that.

Check out some of the details in the trailer below.

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