Sea of Thieves Anniversary achievements want you to get sick from undercooked food

As the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update release date looms, the list of achievements is here

The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update finally launches tomorrow, and it brings a three-pronged set of changes and new features to the game for its first birthday. Rare’s offered up some substantial looks at the likes of Tall Tales and the Arena already, but now we’ve got the most concrete of pre-release details: an achievement list.

Rare’s provided the full list to our friends at TrueAchievements, and it’s split across the three main features of the update. Shores of Gold – the first of the game’s narrative-focused Tall Tales quests – has the most straightforward goals, with achievements for completing each stage of the story and pulling in all the associated commendations.

At first glance, the Arena’s prizes look to be some of the most time-consuming. There are achievements for placing in the top three 100 times, reaching first place 100 times, and reaching first place 100 times as a Pirate Legend. There are some more creative achievements, too, like delivering chests while drunk or hopping into a hot tub with your rivals at the tavern.

Some of the most fun goals come around The Hunter’s Call, the new trading company dedicated to the cooking and fishing features coming in with this update. There are collection-oriented goals like delivering every type of fish to the company, but you’re also going to need to burn food, get sick from undercooked meat, and do some cooking under the stars.

You can see a broad overview of the Anniversary Update above.

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On Twitter, Rare notes that there’ll be some extensive downtime tomorrow ahead of the Anniversary Update release. Servers will go down at 2:00 PDT / 5:00 EDT / 10:00 BST, and will come back up at 8:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST before you’re able to hop back in and enjoy the new stuff.