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Borderlands is coming to Sea of Thieves

A new Borderlands-themed ship set has arrived in Sea of Thieves

The new Borderlands-themed ship set in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is coming off the heels of its big Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, and there’s another team-up on the way – though one that’s a bit less ambitious. A Borderlands-themed event and ship set are available starting today – so here’s what you need to know.

You’ll be able to get into the new Making Mayhem event through Larinna at any outpost, from today through September 7. Minor Mayhem Challenges will ask you to do things like killing sharks with gunpowder barrels or killing skeletons with firebombs. Major Mayhem Challenges, meanwhile, ask you to do bigger tasks like running through a Tall Tale or looting all the gold piles in a treasure vault.

Completing those quests will earn you favour with the Bilge Rats, and reaching enough favour will get you all the parts of the Mayhem ship set. That set includes a red-and-yellow ship design, the Borderlands logo, and even a Claptrap figurehead to let people know that you have bad taste in robots.

You can get full details on the official site. For more pirate games, you can follow that link.

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