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Sea of Thieves player count tops 8.4 million after the Anniversary update

Sea of Thieves

June 11, 2019 Sea of Thieves player counts have exceeded another major milestone.

On today’s E3 edition of Inside Xbox, executive producer Joe Neate announced the latest Sea of Thieves player count. The game’s drawn in 8.4 million players in total – both through standard purchases and Xbox Game Pass – and two million of those people picked up the game for the first time since the Anniversary update on April 30.

Neate says the past month has been the game’s third-strongest overall, just behind the first two months after launch. If you want to celebrate the new milestone, you can log in this week to claim a Spartan Ship Set – complete with Master Chief figurehead – for free.

The last public player count milestone we heard was five million back in July 2018. So we can infer that the game got around one million new players between then and April 30 this year – which includes the streaming spike courtesy of Summit1g and a few others.


We have to go back a good bit further to get actual data on how sales break down versus Game Pass. The game saw 283,000 active users on PC during its launch month according to market research group SuperData, compared with 1.7 million on Xbox One. However, they say “more than half” of those users got the game through a free trial of Game Pass.

Yet Sea of Thieves has still sold well. Rare producer Joe Neate said at E3 2018 that “We beat all of our sales numbers that we had planned.” On day one, they met targets they hadn’t expected to reach until the end of June. He says “it was fascinating” because Sea of Thieves was the first Xbox first-party title to hit Game Pass on release day, and “for the most part you kind of never want to be the first. You want to learn from someone else on things like that.”

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Neate tells USgamer that he ascribes the game’s success in part to Game Pass, but they owe more to streamers and content creators, whose interested in the game, Neate suggests, “correlated to our playerbase.”

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