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Reaper’s Bones adds pets and the Pirate Emporium to Sea of Thieves next month

Pets have a new release date

Sea of Thieves is now under a monthly update cadence, so we’ll see fresh content additions on the second Wednesday of every month. The first came in July, with the addition of Black Powder Stashes, and today we’ve gotten Dark Relics and a whole bunch of new voyages to undertake. Rare has seen fit to detail what’s coming in next month’s update, too.

The September update will be called Reaper’s Bones, as Rare tells Eurogamer, and it will finally add pets to the game after multiple, lengthy delays. Since pets were always meant to be tied to the incoming Sea of Thieves microtransaction store, you can expect that little addition – which seems to be the Pirate Emporium Rare’s been mentioning for ages – to open up as part of this update, too.

Reaper’s Bones will see the shop above the Order of Souls open – which will likely mark the in-world location of the Pirate Emporium. Executive producer Joe Neate says that this September update will be the most substantial of the game’s monthly additions yet, so it’s fair to expect more in addition to pets and real-money purchases.

As for today’s Dark Relics update, it’s focused on a set of new time-limited voyages challenging you to collect the titular relics amid increased skeleton activity. You’ll also find a new Reaper’s Chest out in the world, which is highly valuable but will reveal your location to all players on the map once you’ve collected it.

You can get a broad overview of today’s update in the video above, or get full details in the official patch notes.

There’s more to today’s update too, including improved hit detection, harpoon-equipped rowboats, and more varied loot contained in barrels of plenty.