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Sea of Thieves’ new trailer shows a blundering plundering mission

Sea of Thieves

Microsoft’s pirate pseudo-MMO Sea of Thieves showed up at E3 2017, giving us a new release window of early 2018. There was also a new trailer on show that you can see above.

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In the trailer, Microsoft show us a treasure hunt. We see a team of pirates out at sea, diving into ocean wrecks, and even looting a secret cave.

Inside the caves are hidden treasures which prompts the team to get a chest back to their vessel. If only the armies of undead would leave them alone.

But that’s not the end of their troubles – once they’re out at sea, another team attacks. It looks fun enough, but no doubt it won’t be so clean once it’s in the wilds of online multiplayer. It’ll be troll city.