Sea of Thieves Season 6 roadmap reveals new events

The Sea of Thieves devs have provided a roadmap for the first events of Season 6, but we still don't have an ETA on fixes for things like skeleton ship spawns

Sea of Thieves Season 6 roadmap: A jeweled skeleton on a golden throne

The devs at Rare have provided a Sea of Thieves Season 6 roadmap laying out the next few weeks of events for the pirate game – though sadly, no update on a fix for skeleton ships. We’re nearing the game’s fourth anniversary, and the devs aim to celebrate with a series of events offering free items and bonus gold.

From March 18 through March 21, the Gold and Glory event will give you double XP and gold. If you log in while Gold and Glory is going, you’ll also get the Golden Sailor Ship’s Wheel. A pair of bonus items are available for purchase with gold: the Golden Sailor Cannon Flare from Larrina and the Anniversary Fireworks Crate from the Merchant Alliance. And if you want to spend real money, a number of Pirate Emporium items will be discounted.

Perhaps most importantly, the next narrative-driven adventure is set to launch on March 24. Titled Forts of the Forgotten, this event will last until April 7. Sadly, today’s update doesn’t provide info on any other changes to the game. Since the launch of Season 6, emergent world events like skeleton ships have not been spawning as frequently as they should. A week after a fix was intended to correct the issue, the problem is still present.

The devs break all the new info down in the video below.

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