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A Sea of Thieves tabletop weighs anchor later this year

Mongoose Publishing is bringing Sea of Thieves to a tabletop near you later this year

Sea of Thieves

Avast, ye landlubbers – if sitting on a sofa with some pals chugging grog is getting in the way of hitting the high-res PC seas, you’re in for a treat. Sea of Thieves will be a tabletop RPG, according to the game’s official Twitter account.

The Sea of Thieves RPG will be published by Mongoose Publishing and playable for two to six players. The game’s website suggests it’ll be packed full of corsair cavorting, saying “there is plenty to do on the Sea of Thieves – from assaulting skeleton forts and discovering long lost secrets in the caves of tropical islands, to battling vicious storms and escaping from the dreaded Kraken”. This sounds pretty true to the PC game, with a range of quests and opportunities to explore as a group.

The game also looks like it will contain a lot of suitably pirate-y booty for you and your buccaneering buddies to play with. The image in the tweet shows us a map of the high seas peppered with familiar regions from the PC version.

There are also guides, cards, and some intriguing-looking dice punched with things like treasure chests, skulls, and broken bones. It looks like chance could play a pretty big part in your mutineers’ fortunes – and possibly their physical wellbeing. Quest names include things like the “gold hoarder’s quest” – pretty exciting if you’re the plundering and penny-pinching kinda pirate.

You can pre-order the game on the Mongoose Publishing website for $$79.99 (£60.00), and additional things like an e-book version for $39.99 (£30.00) and legendary dice set for $24.99 (£17.50) are also available.

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Pre-order the main game now and you’ll get some early bonuses: the e-book version, so you can get started right away, plus an exclusive download code for Lord Guardian Sails to use in your PC game.

The game’s expected shipping date is October 2019. Probably a baarrrgain for a game full of good (dis)honest fun.