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Video comparison highlights how close Secret of Mana remake is to SNES original

secret of mana remake snes comparison

Square Enix’s new Secret of Mana remake is shaping up nicely, with full 3D graphics and reorchestrated music that should help the Super Nintendo classic find a brand-new, modern audience. But how closely does the new version mirror the original? Very closely, as evidenced by the above video comparing the two side by side.

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The video, made by YouTuber Cycu1, takes footage from the remake’s gameplay debut at PAX and puts it right up against the same moments from the SNES game. Despite the introduction of 3D characters and a camera that can move during cutscenes, the remake sticks very close to the original, right down to the pace of specific dialog sequences. Thankfully, though, the translation has improved since 1993.

Locations are an especially close match, but that’s to be expected given that the remake uses a close approximation of the original art for its minimap. The only real disappointment is that it’s tougher to see the adorable faces of those bunny-slime critters you slaughter in the opening area.

Secret of Mana is due to see its shiny new PC release on February 15, 2018.