Exposed: Secret Ponchos sneaks into Steam Early Access

Secret Ponchos Early Access

Gun-toting, lasso-twirling multiplayer arena shooter Secret Ponchos snuck into Steam Early Access a couple of days ago. Surprise! 

It was originally only announced for PlayStation 4, and since it looks rather lovely, with its exaggerated Spaghetti Western style and twitchy, skill-based shooting, it’s a good thing it unshackled itself from one platform. 

“Since previewing Secret Ponchos on the show floor at PAX East, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests to bring Secret Ponchos to the PC in addition to the PS4,” says developer Switchblade Monkeys. “We promised we would do our best and find a way to take on the additional platform and to make a long story short – here it is!”

Grabbing it now nets you a 25 percent discount and the first DLC character – yeah, it’s doing that – for free when it arrives. There’s a four-pack, too, which gets you 4 copies for the price of 3.

Since it’s a dual-stick fighting game, you will need a controller, either an Xbox gamepad or something like that. I’m sure a PS3 controller would work as well. This is only temporary, though, as the devs are working on mouse and keyboard support.

Switchblade Monkeys is aiming for a Q4 2014/Q1 2015 launch.