The Secret World’s creators to reveal their Lego MMO on August 29


Frankly, Lego sounds like a better fit for a developer named Funcom than the massively-multiplayer conspiracy theorist’s wet dream that was The Secret World. Perhaps they should’ve been called ComicCom at that point? Anyway. We’ll hear all about their efforts to translate everyone’s favourite plastic bricks for the persistent online arena on the Thursday after next, and not before.

A countdown is busy doing what it does best over on the Funcom website. It’s due to end a few days after Gamescom.

Every day until August 29, Funcom will be filling in a shadowy slot on their countdown page with a minifigure players will be “able to take with them on their online adventures”.

Note “take with them”, not “play as”. I don’t know quite what that means.

Gosh – I’ve just realised we first wrote about Funcom’s Lego MMO 423 days ago, an insensitively short time after the demise of NetDevil’s Lego Universe. Funcom should really have something significant to show for themselves by now, huh?